Voices of Blaze by H. O. Charles
Voices of Blaze

Voices of Blaze

Whispering lies and truths...

Artemi has been condemned to the Nightworld - a place, it is said, where the light of the sun will never warm the earth, where monsters rule the land, and where the fires burn wan and feeble. Few hopes lie there for her to mend her heartache.

In the Darkworld, the peace of nine nations rests upon the shoulders of a man with shadows in his mind, ice in his bones and emptiness in his heart. A hefty price must be paid and more than one battle won if he is to succeed.

And in The Crux, Silar is trapped like a rat in a pipe - a follocking bright, lifeless pipe with trees in it. He must find a way to right a wrong he once failed to prevent, but the only way is forward, and the more he sees of it, the more that way begins to look increasingly unpalatable. The Voices of Blaze speak their words of advice, but will they bring help or harm?

Volume 5 of The Fireblade Array

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